Did you know Access Editing edits blog posts?

Content creation is huge right now. A massive portion of the words on the web is actually generated by freelance copywriters.

These content creators are paid directly by businesses to generate content, or by agencies who manage marketing and PR material for clients. Check out Writtent for an example.

Either way, content creators help businesses to stay current, relevant and front-and-centre in the minds of their target audience.

But we all know that quantity doesn’t equate to quality.

If you’re into content creation, I can help make sure your posts are:

  • error-free
  • clear
  • concise
  • relevant
  • pitched to your audience
  • full of your chosen keywords to help with SEO
  • representative of your unique voice.

Contact Access Editing at jane@accessediting.com.au to discuss your project, and to hear about some of my success stories.