Just starting to figure out how to get your work edited?

Here’s a tip: make sure you know what you’re getting.

When you wander into the shopping centre looking to buy a red cardigan (as I did on my lunch break from the IPEd conference last month!), you might know roughly – but not exactly – what you’re looking for.

You might have a budget in mind. Then again, you might not have a clue how much a new red cardigan is going to cost! You might have already heard some opinions about what’s going to suit your wardrobe and your body type. You might have checked out your fave brands or browsed through Pinterest.

Either way, when you find something that feels right, you know what you’re getting – while you’re holding it, you can make a judgement about its quality.

Even better, you can see the price – and you know that price isn’t going to change once you get to the cash register.

I considered all of those feelings when I designed my quoting process. I want potential clients to know what they’re getting when they contract Access Editing, and to know how much it’s going to cost.

When you send me your project to edit – whether it’s a thesis, journal article, research report, annual report, or promotional material for your business – I’ll make a thorough assessment and let you know exactly what kind of editorial intervention it needs. I’ll write you a helpful email to let you know the kinds of things I will and won’t change. And I’ll attach a formal editing brief and quote, so you know exactly what it’s going to cost.

In the same email, I’ll invite you to ask me any questions about editing – whether they’re particular to my brief, or about the editing process and industry in general.

To read more about how to make the quoting process as quick and easy as possible, see Let’s get started on my website, www.accessediting.com.au. Or email me on jane@accessediting.com.au