The freelance lifestyle

Here’s something I love about the freelance lifestyle: being able to help with community projects that tickle me.

My friend recently set up a community language school for children in our small, but growing, town in the Southern Highlands of NSW. My friend teaches Mandarin to two groups of children, twice a week, out of school hours at the local public school.

She had the passion and the drive to help local kids discover the culture of her home country, China.

But before she could get started, she needed to get through the paperwork.

I was so glad to help.

Together, we wrote a constitution and some promotional material to use in local community newsletters and, later, for a website, an email list or grant applications.

I’ve also helped with promotional and administrative text for my children’s school’s parents and citizens association, a local fete and the community garden. Before I made the tree change from Canberra, I edited a services guide for a non-profit organisation, to help their clients find community groups and support services that were right for them. And I recently helped my brother write a procurement manual for his go-kart club!

Is there something I can help you with? I’d be happy to hear from you at