Editing FAQs

How much does editing or proofreading cost?

This is often the No. 1 question before engaging a professional!

I quote by the job, not the hour or the word.

However, here’s a rough clue: I usually copyedit between 1,500 and 2,500 words an hour, and charge an hourly rate.

The numbers of hours increase if the piece needs work with formatting, referencing, visual elements, structure or any other number of factors.

Your best bet is to send me a sample (the whole piece is best, even if it’s a work in progress). I’ll send you an editing brief and a quote.

English is my second language – is editing for me?

Editing is perfect for ESL writers!

You’ve spent years honing your experience and ideas. They’re valuable. Imperfections in grammar and expression shouldn’t get in the way of your ideas reaching the right readers. I’ll make sure that happens.

Why should I choose Access Editing?


Accredited editor with the Institute of Professional Editors. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in communications.


18 years as an editor, thesis editor at University of Canberra, preferred editor of other Australian universities.

I don’t miss deadlines.

I just don’t. End of story.

You’ll deal with me alone.

I don’t subcontract. I’m the editor you’ll deal with. And we can do that via email, phone or skype, or in person.

What’s an Accredited Editor?

It’s kind of a big deal.

For this internationally recognised status, I sat an exam made up by Distinguished Editors of the Institute of Professional Editing. The accreditation is renewed every five years.

That means my skills are extensive, top-notch and well-rounded. It also means I stick to a professional code of ethics supported by my editing colleagues, universities and writers around the world.

Lots of people are good with words; it takes a professional communicator to see what a writer wants to achieve and make it happen. That’s what I do.

Should I hire a specialist in my discipline?

Some writers lean towards choosing only professionals in their area of expertise to edit their work. But the enormous amount of work that goes into gaining a PhD doesn’t necessarily make you a great writer. And it’s likely that their thesis was edited!

I think it’s a safer bet to engage an editor who has editing qualifications – especially if they’ve spent their career as a professional communicator.

I’m part of a writing team. Can an editor help?

Yes! When lots of writers have contributed to a writing project, it can lose its way! An editor can be a huge help, by imposing a structure, and making sure editing decisions are applied consistently – for example, decisions about spelling and style. From there, a good editor will fine-tune the document to make sure it has a consistent voice.

All of this makes it easier for the reader, which is good news for the writing team.

I have more questions! Can I ask you anything?

Absolutely. I’m happy to help. Ask me about me, Access Editing or editing in general.

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jane@accessediting.com.au or 0412 286 677.