For organisations

I make “complicated” look “straightforward”.

It’s important for organisations to make things easy for their readers.

When you work for an organisation, sometimes collaboration can get in the way of a good publication.

Because I have a background in journalism, I can make sense of a muddle and pull the ends together into one nice, neat package.

Old policy documents that nobody understands?

I see one-page factsheets.

I see one easy-to-use Word template, so you can make more factsheets once my job is done.

A research report that’s been written by lots of contributors?

You need consistency of voice and style to make it easy for the reader.

Advice for clients that’s been cobbled together over the years by lot of different people?

I can streamline it into an easy-to-read letter.

A website that reads a bit old-school?

It needs a fresher feel with some rewording and snappy language. Get in touch with me.

Documents that look like they did 20 years ago, because that’s the way it’s always been done?

I can pull out the bits that are most relevant, and cull the rest.

Style problems?

Sometimes the writing is top-notch, but following the company style guide isn’t the writer’s thing.

I can impose the style, so the product falls into line with all your other professional publications.


I help organisations make documents that reach their intended audience.

Email me to discuss your project.

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