Academic editing

As an Accredited Editor, I adhere to IPEd’s Guidelines for editing theses.

I copyedit and proofread the work of students, but I do not make changes to structure. If there are problems, I will point them out for you to address.

Students should adhere to their university’s editing policy, and discuss the editing process with their supervisor.

For more information, please see

If the changes are extensive, I offer my clients a second proofread after their author review.

This is helpful when the author has accepted some editing suggestions but rejected others, which can introduce inconsistencies in the document. It is also helpful if there are queries or comments from the editor which have prompted the author to rewrite sentences or make structural changes.

The fee for this service is lower than the fee for the initial edit.

Is English your second language? I’d like to work with you.

Are you in a hurry? Give me as much information as you can in your initial email ( See Let’s get started.