Let’s get started

Providing the following information about your editing project will save time by helping me quickly get you the information you need – like when it can be done, and how much it will cost.

I prefer to see a sample of the editing project before I provide a brief and a quote. Confidentiality is assured. Email or Dropbox to jane@accessediting.com.au. A chapter or around 10 pages from the middle is good; the whole document is best.

The following information will help us negotiate an editing brief and an appropriate fee:

  • When do you need the edited document returned?
  • When will the job be available for me to work on?
  • What is the word count?
  • What type of document is it (a report, thesis, journal article, research paper, student essay etc.)?
  • If it’s a journal article, which journal?
  • Does the project contain tables and figures?
  • Roughly how many pages of references are there?
  • Are the references complete?
  • What style are you using (Australian government, APA, Chicago, MLA, faculty or university house style etc.)?
  • Is there any formatting work to be done?
  • Are there formatting guidelines to follow?
  • If this is a thesis or student assignment, does the university have an editing policy?