My values

Why editing is important
When writing is clear and concise, its message is more clearly received.
The quantity of information available today is endless, but its quality is not always apparent. I’m interested in helping authors present their arguments in ways that do not allow the reader to become distracted by errors, inconsistencies, poorly structured arguments and uncited references.

Language moves with the times. I know the rules, and I feel quite okay about breaking them.
It’s important to Access Editing to keep the writer’s tone in place.

Meeting standards for web content adopted by the Australian government can widen your audience and mark your organisation’s commitment to inclusivity. Assistive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers rely on documents containing built-in accessibility features, and I can put these in place for you.
I specialise in ensuring people with physical impairments can access your online documents.

Access Editing ensures your writing speaks to its complete audience. I use language that is unbiased and non-discriminatory, so you don’t leave anyone out.

Writer’s voice
Access Editing is committed to keeping the author’s voice intact. Editing changes will not be made based on personal preference. Authoritative guides back up decisions, such as the Macquarie Dictionary, the Style Manual: for authors, editors and printers (the Commonwealth style guide) or your house style guide, and Fowler’s Modern English Usage.

English as a second language
I enjoy working with ESL writers, including students. We’ll work together to ensure your meaning is cutting through, and that your work is professionally presented. When you’ve worked hard on your research, and you’re confident of your argument, a good edit will ensure your ideas shine.